Customer Engagement

GENYX understands the importance of Customer Engagement for high team performance. Every employee, from the shop floor to the leadership team, should strive to reach a level of engagement so they are living proof of the company brand and the organisation’s values.

Why is organisational Engagement important for a high performing organisation?

  • Productivity and performance: Employee engagement will help drive a company’s performance. When employees feel engaged, they are more committed and dedicated to their work which increases overall productivity.
  • Brand representation inside and outside: Your employees engage with your brand (Brand Advocates). They are living and representing your brand and values set on a daily basis, inside and outside of your company.

GENYX assists our clients to engage their organisations by:

  • Creating, refreshing or refining your company Values and corporate culture as relevant to your company’s Brand, Vision and Mission.
  • We advise companies on how best to cascade and communicate the Values set to all employees within an organisation.
  • Helping employees to internalise their Values set and understand what it means to become and remain a “Brand Advocate” while conducting your day-to-day job.