Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching for Performance and Potential (ECPP) programs undoubtedly have an ever-lasting impact on the effectiveness and performance of top executives. Our ECPP’s ultimately lead to greater organisational success through stronger leadership. Whether your business is local, regional or global we believe that effective Executive Coaching enhances behaviours, accelerates strategies and increases results.

The benefits of Executive Coaching ripple downward and outward. GENYX understands the pressures top executives face daily, so our consultants help outline personal and professional goals, and set clear action plans to achieve short-term and long-term success.

Executive Coaching requires appreciation that great leadership encompasses a wide range of competencies, knowledge, skills and values; and that lasting leadership effectiveness requires customised solutions to meet the needs of individuals and organisations. GENYX always aims to build on individual strengths and team strengths, in order to improve an executive’s image, reputation, and “brand” through careful stakeholder management.

GENYX works closely with individuals to develop authentic leadership: we challenge leaders to be both effective and inspiring.

7 qualities of an authentic leader as a coach

  • Plans, allows time and is committed,
  • Knows their teams and is empathetic towards them,
  • Looks to ‘stretch’ not stress their colleagues,
  • Talks regularly to their people, wants to learn and is consistent,
  • Allows, even encourages risks and mistakes and does not pre-judge,
  • Accepts that change is the norm and is relaxed under pressure, and
  • Knows their own biases and strengths, is prepared to discuss their own past performance, and is happy to discuss their own challenges and ask for help.