Our Tools

GENYX uses international models and carefully customised tools to help our trusted clients achieve their objectives and satisfy their customers. Over the years many of our clients continue to use tools and models introduced by GENYX that yield immediate and lasting success.

Some of our tools include:

T.R.U.S.T. Model:
GENYX guides individuals and teams to understand and internalise 5 essential elements to establish and keep TRUST.

TRUST enhances effective communication, clarifies roles and goals, and sustains engagement and alignment.

TRUST helps individuals and teams build and execute commitment.
The Team Performance Model (TPM) by The Grove demonstrates the 7 stages of building and leveraging a self-regulating and high performing team.

The TPM is used to assess and measure unresolved issues, and set actions to discover and utilise team strengths to deliver business goals.

GENYX advises and guides leaders and teams how to create and sustain a high-performance culture.

Source: The Grove

GENYX helps organisations to identify and assess their key stakeholder groups and whether their business and operations are truly meeting stakeholders’ ever changing needs.

High performing organisations understand how to analyse stakeholder engagement and satisfaction in alignment with the company’s strategy and goals.

The best organisations ensure their value proposition and direction is clear to their key stakeholders; in return these stakeholder groups know and appreciate the benefits of having a stake in your company.

Source: GENYX 2006-2014